No Experience Necessary!

Learning SCUBA is safe, easy and fun.  We offer the luxury of a “Two Tank” course.  Your first air tank will be used to learn the basics of SCUBA diving in the comfort of the Westin Maui Resort & Spa pool.


After discovering just how easy SCUBA diving really is, your same Instructor will supply you with a second full tank of air and escort you on an ocean beach dive.  Our “Two Tank” approach gives you the confidence in knowing you will have ample time to enjoy the beautiful reefs just off Kaanapali Beach.

Our Instructors specialize in teaching the beginners.

They average over 15 years of full time SCUBA Diving

Instructing on Kaanapali Beach and the Westin Maui

Resort & Spa.  All your equipment is included.  Course

length is approximately two & a half hours.

Reservations are highly recommended, as all classes

are small & personalized to enhance your experience.